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AmericanSong_First Embarcation2021

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  • Excellent shot Scott
  • Nice smaller cruise ship Scott. Is it for local cruising?
    • They're designed for river cruising. These use the Columbia/Snake River system and can clear all bridges and locks upriver(s) to Lewiston, Idaho. That's a substantial amount of travel! You can check Google Maps to see what I mean.
    • a good distance 300+ miles - As the crow flies!!
    • Indeed... and it's quite a bit more than that in river miles.
      I've driven and ridden (on my bicycle) the majority of those miles. It's a fascinating and beautiful journey.
      If you're interested in experiencing it, you might want to book a tour fairly soon... the dams that make the trip possible on the Snake might be living on borrowed time.
  • Excellent stuff Scott
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